Sep 6-9 | Booth #920 | Indianapolis

We had a great time at AOPA 2023! 


What an incredible week! We enjoyed all the presentations, talks & networking. We shared some news about our OPIE integration and our soon-to-come feature: prosthetic test sockets. Thanks to everyone who made these days unforgettable!

In case you didn't make it to AOPA this year, feel free to reach out to us anytime. Richard Miltenberger is happy to share his knowledge of the Mecuris Solution Platform and the best use for your clinic with you! [Schedule meeting]

Down below you find our 2023 National Assembly AOPA program. 

Mecuris at AOPA 2023
We enjoyed meeting our colleagues from OPIE
Mecuris at AOPA 2023
Setting up the Mecuris booth
Mecuris at AOPA 2023
Mecuris team (Benjamin, Richard, Tara & Bianca) are excited for AOPA
Mecuris at AOPA 2023

Showcasing 3D printed test sockets live at our booth

Mecuris at AOPA 2023
The final outcome looks promising
Mecuris at AOPA 2023

We participated in several talks & presentations

Mecuris at AOPA 2023
A highlight of day 2: Meeting Alan Finnieston
Mecuris at AOPA 2023
Enriching conversation with the Canadian charity Victoria Hand Project
Mecuris at AOPA 2023
Richard posing with the AOPA mascot

Mecuris at AOPA

Mecuris translates the craftsmanship of O&P into an intuitive & web-based software. It enables practitioners to streamline processes while focusing on the best patient care. See for yourself, how the Mecuris Solution Platform will allow you to combine traditional and digital workflows to create time- & cost-efficient devices.

We are very excited about what we will bring to you at AOPA. Don´t miss out - Come by our booth #920!

3 powerful tools of the Mecuris Solution Platform

Live Talks we held at AOPA

Richard Miltenberger

Wed, Sept. 6 | 2 - 4 pm.

Learn How to Scan for Prosthetics and Orthotics Using a Cell Phone and Adjustable Fixture

🔉 Richard Miltenberger, CPO, Mecuris📌 JW Grand Ballroom 9

Presented by COMB O&P: Scan patients with just your cell phone and the Comb app, without adding any extra hardware. You can also learn how to use an adjustable fixture for proper patient alignment for your lower extremity braces. Then hear what to do after the scan with highlights from OPIE Software, Mecuris and other O&P providers.
(Earn 2 CE hours!)


Richard Miltenberger & Gary Wall

Fri., Sept. 8 | 10:30 - 10:55 am.

AFO Shape Capture Techniques for Improved Shape Capture for High Activity Ankle-Foot Orthoses (D1)

🔉 Richard Miltenberger, CPO, Mecuris &       Gary Wall, CPO, Hanger Clinic
📌 Location: ICC 122

This presentation will cover methods and discoveries in the area of 3D scanning for AFOs, as well as their digital manipulation. See results from our fittings and learn a new technique of scanning the patient while weight bearing.

Bianca Weber & Benjamin Gröschel

Sat, Sept. 9 | 9:15 - 9:35 am

Benefits of a Simulation Model for Digital Manufacturing in
the O&P Industry (D10)

🔉 Benjamin Groeschel, MEng &
     Bianca Weber, MEng, MBA
📌 Location: ICC 122

With the help of finite element analysis, the goal is to simulate the behavior of a digitally designed hand orthosis before manufacturing in 3D printing processes and display the result via an interface. 

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AOPA Floorplan - Mecuris

Our Partners
at AOPA:

OPIE Software

Mecuris is a value-added partner of OPIE. Make sure to stop by them to learn all about the latest innovations. 

Techmed 3D
Techmed 3D offers a great scanning solution - thanks to the integration of Techmed 3D within the Mecuris Solution Platform you can send your scan from Techmed3D straight to the Mecuris Solution Platform. Stop by their booth to learn all about it.
COMB O&P: Scanning has never been easier - all you need is your cell phone. Curious to learn more? Stop by their booth at AOPA!
Tillges Technology: We are happy to have Tillges as a supplier of 3D-printed devices for our customers. Make sure to visit them at their booth.
Filament Innovation
Filament Innovation has created a state-of-the-art FDM printer. Make sure to see what it is capable of at booth 920.

Mecuris x OPIE - Direct Connection for One Smooth Workflow

Since last year Mecuris has been a value-added partner to OPIE Anywhere. This year, we're taking it a decisive step further: We're bringing the functionality and experience of our cutting-edge cloud-based CAD solution directly into your workflow on OPIE Anywhere!

This will make Mecuris one of the first directly integrated digital fabrication partners on OPIE Anywhere.  Want the efficiency, consistency, and financial benefits of digital fabrication right at your fingertips within OPIE Anywhere?

Learn more about the direct connection of Mecuris with OPIE Anywhere in our webinar.
Sign up for the live-webinar:
Thursday, Sept 28, or the on-demand that will be available afterwards. 

Mecuris & OPIE (1)

This AOPA was packed!

Icarus Printer by Filament Innovation

ICARUS by Filament Innovation

This 3D Printer has redefined the standards of FDM printing in the orthopedic field. It has been built by Filament Innovations since 2016. It is designed with no compromises in mind - from its water-cooled Typhoon High-Flow extrusion system, enclosed ballscrews, and closed-loop motors (just to name a few details), it is designed to perform and be the reliable 3D Printer your company demands. More on the ICARUS >>

We were thrilled to have the ICARUS live at our booth! If you want more information, best reach out to our friends at Filament Innovation. 


We have exciting news to share with you!

At our booth we were able to give a sneak peek of our soon-to-come feature: The creation of check sockets!  

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Live Showcase

O&P Digital Care Showcase
See our software live on a patient case

Mecuris was part of the Digital O&P Care Showcase, where we had the opportunity to showcase our digital offering on a provided O&P patient case.

Do you want to see how a patient treatment with our software solution would work? Then schedule a meeting right now >>

AOPA Resources

Discover the Digital Toolbox of Mecuris

Mecuris3D Correction

  • Correct joint angles in mere minutes
  • Correct existing positive models or patent scans
  • Available for lower & upper extremities
Mecuris3D Correction

Mecuris3D Modeling

  • Modify your positive model
  • Suitable for all body parts
  • remove or add material on your model
Mecuris3D Modeling

Mecuris3D Creator

  • Create devices ready for 3D printing
  • Define your design: trimline, holes & pattern
  • Available for lower and upper extremities
Mecuris3D Creator
Happy to meet you at AOPA!

Eager to get some CEUs immediately?
How to Create an AFO Ready for 3D Printing

In this webinar, we will give you a comprehensive understanding of how to create an AFO digitally using the tools and features of the Mecuris Solution Platform. 

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