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Welcome to the Mecuris Solution Platform e-learning program!

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Getting started with digital work has never been easier!
To make your way into your digital future even easier, we invite you to participate in this short e-learning program. With free time management, you decide for yourself which areas you want to learn and improve. We're supporting you with short videos, tips & tricks so you can successfully treat your patients as quickly as possible. 

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This is what your e-learning program offers you:


✔️ Knowledge of how to combine digital and traditional craftsmanship 

✔️ Confidence in finding your way to work more efficiently and never compromising on the high quality

✔️ Extensive practical knowledge on how to independently and digitally work in orthotics 

✔️ Consecutive lessons with videos, practical exercises, tips, and quizzes 

✔️ An online training program that's 100% free and gives you 100% free time management 

✔️ A 'Digital Work' certificate to prove your new skills 

These are the modules of the e-learning program:


  • Basics
  • Optimal conditions
  • Scanning adults/ children - including practical examples
  • Scanner comparison
  • Selection guideline for your purchase

⏳ Duration: ~ 1.5 h


  • Digital pose correction
  • Modeling a functional form - introduction to all functions
  • Practical exercises
  • Tips & tricks

⏳ Duration: ~ 2,5 h


  • Practical exercise on the design and construction of an orthotic blank
  • Use of multiple cutting lines to create complex orthosis types

⏳ Duration: ~ 1,5 h


  • Production of a digitally manufactured functional form for later thermoforming
  • 3D printing of an orthosis blank
  • Material science
  • Suitable printing techniques for highest quality
  • Select a fabrication partner

⏳ Duration: ~ 1,5 h

"When you realize that traditional tools are ultimately only mapped 

digitally, it makes it easier to mentally break through the barrier and

engage with it."

Philipp Greifenberg, OT aktiv, 2021

Define now the modules you are interested in and start right away:

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