Video library: Digitalization in orthopedic technology

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You want to save time, but not when it comes to caring for your patient?
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We show you in a variety of webinar recordings how you, as a certified orthotist, can digitalize your work, stay flexible and save time in the right places.  

The videos are available to you for free on demand at any time. Your receive the access link by e-mail.

What to expect:

Digital process chain: The path from scan to finished orthosis

> These scanners are suitable for orthopedic technology.
> Stay flexible: Combining traditional work and digital process steps in an optimal way
> Overview of manufacturing methods in orthopedic technology

Your digital studio: How to Create an AFO Ready for 3D Printing

> No more plastering: digital posture correction of a user scan
> Online modeling of a functional form
> The alternative to service fabrication or thermoforming: How to successfully design and configure an orthotic shell.

Digital manufacturing made easy: Carving and 3D printing in orthopedic technology

> Hybrid vs. fully digital manufacturing: You decide how digital you work
> Carving or 3D printing: the digitally created functional form as the basis for thermoforming
> 3D printing vs. industrial 3D printing: from fitting control to high-quality orthotic blanks

Examples of use: Here's how digital work is put into practice.

> Modeling a positive model of a lower leg
> Creation of a club foot orthosis for the lower leg
> Posture correction, modeling and creation of a drop hand orthosis

Our experts:

Richard Miltenberger

Is a CPO with 14 years in the O&P industry. He has worked for the Department of Defense, and has been involved in research, clinical care, as well as 3D modeling and design. He is a consultant with the Mecuris Solution Platform, helping other clinicians become the best in their craft.   


Benjamin Gröschel

Is a member of the technical sales team at Mecuris. He is the international sales contact for new customers, key accounts & strategic partners.  He handles customer visits, product demos and trainings of Mecuris Software.   


Jannis Breuninger

Jannis is a co-founder of Mecuris & an expert for digital manufacturing processes, such as 3D printing or milling technologies. He has been working on 3D printing for over 13 years, also in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute.


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