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Digital manufacturing made easy: Milling & 3D printing in orthopedic technology

In this free webinar, you, as a medical professional, will learn how to manufacture your patient aids digitally either by milling or 3D printing. This saves time and materials. We'll discuss various milling and 3D printing processes with you using practical examples.

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Content of the Video:

We show you how to successfully master the entry into digital manufacturing:


> Hybrid vs. fully digital manufacturing: You decide how extensively you want to digitally manufacture

> Milling or 3D printing: the digitally created positive model as the basis for thermoforming

> 3D printing vs. industrial 3D printing: from fit control to high-quality orthosis blanks

> Material science: which materials are best suited for which process and what can be post-processed.

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Speaker: Jannis Breuninger

Jannis is a co-founder of Mecuris and an expert for digital manufacturing processes like 3D printing or milling technologies. He has been working on 3D printing for over 13 years, also in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute.

Jannis Breuninger Speaker Portrait

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