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How to create individual O&P Devices

Additionally, you can earn 1,25 CEU's by watching the webinar and answering a short quiz afterwards. *What are CEUs and what do I need them for?

The direct integration of Mecuris' software into your OPIE Anywhere account will allow you to leverage the power and efficiency of creating individual devices right from the patient record.

Check out this on-demand webinar showcasing the seamless entry into the Mecuris Solution Platform and witness firsthand how our digital tools can transform your future. CPO Richard Miltenberger will demonstrate the platform's functionalities using an AFO as an example. 

23-09 Webinar Mecuris x OPIE (2)

We will show you in simple steps how you…

✔️ Access the Mecuris Solution Platform via your OPIE Anywhere account
✔️ Clean-up & digitally correct the joint angles of a patient scan 
✔️ Create a digital positive model
✔️ Design a file of an AFO ready for 3D printing
✔️ Send those files back to your OPIE Anywhere account 

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2022-2023 Speakers Webinars_Michael Weiss

Michael Weiss | OPIE Software

Michael Weiss is the Executive Director of Customer Experience at OPIE Software and a highly accomplished operations leader with 15 years of experience in O&P. Most recently, Michael was responsible for creating and cultivating systemized and sustainable processes that supported the expansion of a small multi-clinic practice to over 25 locations in multiple states.
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Richard Miltenberger | Mecuris GmbH 

Richard is a CPO with over 14 years in the O&P industry. During his career, he spent 5 years working with the Department of Defense as a prosthetist and team lead for the IDEO brace program in San Diego. He has since been involved in private clinical practice, research and development, as well as digital design. He is a consultant with Mecuris, helping other clinicians become the best in their craft.

*A CEU (continuing education units) is a measurement unit used in the United States in education and training programs. In some professions in the U.S. it is required to earn a certain number of CEUs per five-year continuing education cycle to maintain the license to practice. If you are a Orthotist/Prosthetist, O&P Assistant, O&P Technician or a Pedorthist you can earn some CEUs with our online content. Click here for more info why you need CEU's and see here our other ABC accredited courses.

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