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Using 3D Printing with Polypropylene (PP) to create durable orthotic devices

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Join us when Richard Miltenberger from Mecuris welcomes Sebastian Schmidt from PPprint and Joe Fairley from Ascent Fabrication for an exciting webinar. 

Using the example of a SMO (Supra-Malleolar Orthosis) you will be able to see the fully digital workflow. Starting with a demo of the Mecuris Solution Platform, where you can see a joint correction, modifications of the positive model and creating a file for an orthotic device. 

Moving on to the production of the SMO, Sebastian and Joe introduce polypropylene filament as a great fit for the O&P industry. They show you all the benefits ranging from cost-efficiency to durability and high surface quality. 


LP Webinar PPprint & Mecuris (2)

Webinar Agenda 

  • Welcome & Introduction 
  • [Mecuris] Demo - Digital Design Workflow - Let's create a SMO
    • Basics of Scanning
    • Mecuris 3D - Posture Correction | Modeling | Creation
  • [PPprint] Production & 3D Printing
    • 3D printed PP - Characteristics & Relevance 
    • FDM Printing with PP in medical technology and O&P
    • Successful 3D printing with PP - this is what you need to get started
  • [Ascent Fabrication] Showcases
    • Showcases - 3D printed orthotic devices in real life
    • Cost Analysis - Comparing SLS & MJF (PA11) to FDM (PP) using the example of an AFO & SMO
  • Q&A Session

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Sebastian Schmidt | PPprint GmbH

As product manager, Sebastian Schmidt has been responsible for the strategic development and internationalization of PPprint GmbH for more than 4 years. He is managing worldwide projects in the field of additive manufacturing for medical technology and the provision of optimally suited materials for 3D printing of orthoses and prostheses.  >> Sebastian's LinkedIn profile

Richard Miltenberger | Mecuris GmbH 

Richard is a CPO with over 14 years in the O&P industry. During his career, he spent 5 years working with the Department of Defense as a prosthetist and team lead for the IDEO brace program in San Diego. He has since been involved in private clinical practice, research and development, as well as digital design. He is a consultant with Mecuris, helping other clinicians become the best in their craft. >> Richard's LinkedIn profile

Joe Fairley | PPprint & Ascent Fabrication 

Joe Fairley is an ABC Certified Prosthetist & Board Eligible Orthotist, as well as the Owner of the only completely digital prosthetic and orthotic central fabrication company, Ascent Fabrication. Thanks to his experience in 3D Printing Polypropylene by PPprint he will offer his insights on using additive manufacturing for this material. Joe has been innovating digital workflows within the P&O field for over seven years. This includes working knowledge of several forms of additive manufacturing, CAD design, R&D and several different 3D scanners. >> Joe's LinkedIn profile

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Mecuris GmbH 

Mecuris is a German based company focused on developing CAD/CAM software to create customized orthotic devices, such as AFOs, SMOs, WHFOs.

In our software - the Mecuris Solution Platform - practitioners can also find features for prosthetics - i.e. for the modeling of a residual limb.

We translate your craftsmanship into digital tools and easy-to-use workflows.

PPprint GmbH

PPprint is the specialist for 3D printing of polypropylene (PP) and offers a product portfolio with a complete package for high-quality and reliable extrusion-based 3D printing of PP.

As a material specialist, PPprint has developed products specifically designed for orthotics and prosthetics in recent years, which enables the 3D printing of mechanically and chemically resistant medical devices for the use in direct contact with skin.

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Ascent Fab

Ascent Fabrication

Ascent Fabrication’s mission is to provide accessible digital workflows which assist O&P companies in the implementation of additive manufacturing, while designing and fabricating highly functional and innovative prosthetic and orthotic devices. Ascent Fabrication uses materials from PPprint for inhouse production and provides filament to O&P companies. 

While our day to day operations involve providing O&P central fabrication services, we also provide in-house and remote training and troubleshooting services.

*A CEU (continuing education units) is a measurement unit used in the United States in education and training programs. In some professions in the U.S. it is required to earn a certain number of CEU's per five-year continuing education cycle to maintain the license to practice. If you are a Orthotist/Prosthetist, O&P Assistant, O&P Technician or a Pedorthist you can earn some CEU's with our online content. Click here for more info why you need CEU's and see here our other ABC accredited courses.

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