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How to Create an AFO Ready for 3D Printing

In this free webinar recording, you will get an insight how you, as a CPO can create an AFO online in just a few steps.

Additionally, you can earn 1,25 CEU's by watching the webinar and answering a short quiz afterwards. *What are CEUs and what do I need them for?

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Content of the video:

From scan to finished orthotic blank for an AFO in under 30 minutes. You will learn how to:

> create a digital posture correction of a patient scan in just a few clicks
> modify a positive model in mere minutes
> create an orthosis blank without prior CAD knowledge

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"From a scan to a finished orthotic blank for an AFO in under 30 minutes! I'll show you how that works!"

Speaker: Richard Miltenberger

Richard is a CPO with 14 years in the O&P industry. He has worked for the Department of Defense, and has been involved in research, clinical care, as well as 3D modeling and design. He is a consultant with the Mecuris technical sales team, and is the US based sales contact for new customers. >> See Richard's LinkedIn profile


*A CEU (continuing education units) is a measurement unit used in the United States in education and training programs. In some professions in the U.S. it is required to earn a certain number of CEU's per year to maintain the license to practice. Click here for more infos on CEU's and see our other courses to earn some more CEU's.

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