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In 3 steps to an orthosis blank: quickly & easily using digital tools

Get the full download on the intuitive and easy-to-use tools of the Mecuris Solution Platform - the digital workshop specifically designed to meet your needs in creating custumized orthosis in a cost- and time saving way.

This free, on-demand webinar will give you a very good impression of our solution in creating individual orthoses blanks in just three easy steps. 

This video contains:

> Brief overview about 3D-scanning in O&P
> Digital pose correction of an uncorrected user scan
> Modeling of a user scan with pointed foot into a digital functional form
> Orthosis design & configuration made easy: define wall thickness, border course, holes, patterns

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Benjamin Gröschel

Mechanical Engineer, Technical Sales, Mecuris GmbH


Mecuris3D Creator - Basis Webinar

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