You might never cast for an AFO again - Showcase

You might never cast for an AFO again.

On-Demand-Webinar: We'll showcase how easy it's to scan, modify and fabricate an AFO without using plaster.

In this on-demand webinar, you'll gain knowledge on how to use a digital process chain to create AFOs in a timely and cost saving manner. It's a more convenient way for you and your patients. Among the speakers are certified Prosthetist & Orthotists who are already using the digital workflow and will share with you their experiences.

In this video you'll learn:

> Scan your patient easily with Comb instead of traditional casting

> Save time by digitally correcting and modeling the scan - without prior CAD knowledge

> Designing a custom-made AFO in only a few minutes

> How to facbricate that AFO additively and what that means in terms of time, cost & material


Aaron Naft

Aaron Naft, Comb O&P

Is the Global Head of Sales and Marketing at Comb. Aaron specializes in helping clinicians around the world understand the digital workflow and implement the Comb O&P 3D scanning app for iPhone.                                                 


Benjamin Gröschel

Benjamin Gröschel, Mecuris

Is a member of the technical sales team at Mecuris. He is the international sales contact for new customers, key accounts & strategic partners.  He handles customer visits, product demos and trainings of Mecuris Software.


Brent Wright

Brent Wright, CP, BOCO

He is Co-Founder of Additive America and practices at Eastpoint Prosthetics and Orthotics in Raleigh, NC. Brent uses FDM and is pioneering techniques to effectively use additive technology like MJF & SLS.


Terrell Tate

Terrell Tate, BOCP, CO

Is a certified Prosthetist & Orthotist and 30+ years veteran in the O&P field. In 2019, he founded MPower Health with the purpose of delivering care to patients in Western Tennessee and Northern Mississippi.                


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